chintribbi drapiomigga fengobiga gandombrisleeg
het hukkahukka ikrikootin jemhreeb
kadak pushmugrok simpombo taaponixuu
tugtug ungugamea ziggitrood zoobi

Click on "Aliens" above to hear a sample of them laughing together. Click on any of the individual aliens to go to their page.

Aliens Laughing

This has been our most difficult and perilous project to date. No one before us had ever managed to record aliens laughing. We managed to record some of them here on Earth, but others required stealth and even secret trips on board the aliens' spaceships. Two of our researchers never came back, though they managed to dispatch their recordings before disappearing. Some of these aliens are relatively friendly, some less so, and some downright hostile, who would eat you or vaporise you as soon as look at you. Each alien type is described on its page. Enjoy listening, but remember, they're out there, and if they know you're listening to a stolen laugh, they may come after YOU!

Click on "Home" to go back to the home page. If you want to play the aliens laughing together, click on "All Together". Remember that this is a big download, so it may take a while. It's worth it, though, especially if you've never heard a chorus of sixteen aliens laughing.